Illawarra based Harry Athanass is an accomplished guitarist with a career spanning many years.  

Harry has guested with many of Australia's great blues artists. 
He has received much airplay all around Australia, New Zealand, America & Europe. Currently being played on the Midnight Special Blues Radio The Best of Never Heard.

 The Recording 

From The Heart

Please listen to samples with a good speaker system or good headphones 

I can write about the tracks for an hour, or you can LISTEN for yourself. 

The album consists of great electric blues guitar playing. From shuffles, slow blues, funky blues, country blues, great boogies, catchy riffs and plenty of cool vocal like solos will have you wanting to play it again and again . There is no shortage of reasons to enjoy this album, . Running time 41:35 minutes

Radio Reviews 

Wasn't that terrific ? That's Harry Athanass. The whole album is brilliant. Absolutely, you are going to want to know more about this man. He is brilliant. Utterly utterly brilliant ! I tell you the whole album is utterly utterly brilliant ! Exciting times we live in, I tell ya, in this country. We've got the best the world has to offer. You know that don't you, seriously. The whole album is uttery brilliant. Truly, trust me.

Raelyn Mitchell


I have received the CD and I was most impressed. instrumentals are rare  so that and the quality of the music  makes it a natural mix for my radio shows. 
Congratulations. I've already played three tracks on air and I intend playing more between now and Christmas ( and afterwards) 

Kev Woon 

Hi Harry ,  
Thanks very much for the CD & sorry to take so long to get back to you. 
I think all ABARAC announcers get inundated with music & it's really hard to get through everything. 
Like your release very much & will play 3 tracks on Top Shelf Music in the near future when I can. 
I wish you nothing but success & thanks again for giving me the chance to listen. 

Duncan Smith  Top Shelf Music 89.7FM   

Hi Harry, 
I got the CD last week. I've been playing it, nice work. 
Cheers Steven 

Hi Harry, 
Thanks for the cd From The Heart. It’s a great album & I will be playing lots of tracks on Box of Frogs. 
I am off air until December 11, but will certainly be giving the cd lots of plays & publicity. 
Kevin Byrne 

Gidday Harry,  
Yes I have the masterpiece that you made and sent to me.  
I put 3 tracks into my show last Saturday and I can use a little of your cd every week!  
It is an utterly brilliant cd and I do send a huge thank you for your brilliance!  

Raelyn Mitchell 

Hi Harry, 
Thanks I received a copy of your cd. 
Last Sunday night, I played “Mr. Drummer, Can You Rhumba ?” on my radio show, “Play The Blues”. 
Looking forward to featuring more tracks over the next few weeks. 
All the best. 

Hi Harry 
Thank you for the CD. 
Very good work and I played a couple of tracks last Monday night and probably again next Monday. 

Hey Harry 
Thxs for sending me the cd   Yes   some impressive guitar work 
I’ll be squeezing in a track or two on my Mystery Train program 
David Roman 

Hi Harry......Yep I got it and if you check my playlists at   
You’ll see already dropped a couple of tracks over the last fortnight... 
Great guitar playing my friend... 
Mojos and Jellyrolls has moved into a Breakfast timeslot these days    
7am to 10am Wednesdays and being a blues based show its great to have  
some quality Blues instrumentals to play up to the hourly news.... 
Your CD is perfect for that...My playlists all go to the Australian Blues and Roots Chart  
so at the end of this months report I’l be adding your CD..... 

All the best 

Hi Harry, 
Yes I received the album. Thanks. Really enjoyed it. 
Will be playing a track on Saturday Blues, Australia's longest running blues show  
which I am a co-presenter on this Saturday and will play something on my other program  
Groovin' With Sister T which is a weekly jazz & blues show.  
It was just in time for my new blues podcast so I popped a track on the end!   

Harry's Gear 

Amps used 

Matchless, Fender Concert, Fender Blackface, Fender twin, Marshall Plexi Lead 100, Vox AC 15,Vox AC 30, 


Rat Classic Distortion 


Westone 227, Fender Strat, Gibson Les Paul 


Elixir Polyweb (Love these strings) 


Best live gigs 

Spring into Corrimal every year for 10 years  25,000 + people 

House Band Jamberoo Valley Lodge 3 years 

Blues Jam Cabbage Tree Hotel (The Patch) 2 years 

House Band Christmas Blues Jam 

2500 + Live Gigs 

Sharing the stage with 

Kevin Borich (KB) Paul Charlie Raymond Benefit Night, Mal Eastick, Marco Goldsmith Band (45 minute smoking set, totally unrehearsed), Ginhouse Blues Band, Bondi Cigars, Wolf Mail (USA), Mark Radar Watson & The Boogiemen Band.